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Personal Firewall Software Review Learning Center

The Comodo Internet Security Pro firewall module performs very well, based on the benchmark test results reported by... Read More »
When it comes to internet security, the ultimate question is, can I be 100-percent protected? The answer is NO, however,... Read More »
You've heard that you need a firewall, but there are so many options. Software firewall? Hardware firewall? How do you know... Read More »
Traveling by air these days is a lengthy adventure. Check-in procedures, protocols and security checks often take you hours.... Read More »
Back when dial-up internet was the fastest connection, we didn't worry about virus attacks, worms or Trojan horses. Today,... Read More »
When you leave your home or car for a period of time, do you lock your doors? Of course. Doing so gives you a sense of... Read More »